What is ‘anxiety’ & why do you feel the same? I think we all know what anxiety is because these days, people are becoming more anxious, depressed. We have witnessed more suicide cases in comparison to other generation. But what can we do to minimize it?

We all know most of our suffering is due to technologies because the nature of humans is to explore and spend time in nature but what do we actually do? Spend most of our time with phones, tablets, and laptops. So, it’s obvious that human will suffer but we can minimize our suffering by following few practical steps –




People often say that they can’t sit alone for a minute. Can you imagine a person not able to handle his own thoughts. But what now?

There is a solution for the same. Initially, we can sit for a few minutes and let the thoughts flow freely while we can concentrate on our breathing. In this way, we can master our mind and can get control over thoughts.


Connection with people and nature


We are missing a real connection with People and nature because we like to talk to people on the phone or chat rather than face to face conversation. We love to scroll videos of nature but we don’t have the courage to explore nature. So, we can start making connections with people and nature by taking simple and small steps. It could be going for a walk in the park or meeting friends or going for family dinner, etc.


Master your skills


When you keep moving forward towards your growth and master your skills slowly and consistently then we feel a sense of fulfillment in life and also become financially independent which helps you in living a peaceful life.




These days people don’t like to be alone or during their free time they remain socially active. So, does it really make sense?

You aren’t physically alone but not alone in a real sense and why? Because you don’t enjoy being with yourselves. So, what can we do to attain Solitude?

Just try sitting alone with technology for 10 mins a day and soon you’ll enjoy it the most.




Kindness is not for others but for ourselves. When you are kind towards others then you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment. So, basically, kindness is good for our soul as well as others.

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