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5 July 2021, Durgapur: College going students have had their share of anxiety and stress in the last few months owing to the raging pandemic, exam stress and uncertainty towards the future. Recently, over 2000 students from West Bengal’s most prestigious institutions underwent free three-day yoga and breathing workshop organized by The Art of Living.

“I have anxiety and stress issue issues while studying or gaming,” said Aniket Kumar, an Engineering student from Bengal Engineering College,Durgapur “but when I learned that I can control every type of bad emotion just by breathing right,I felt relieved.”

The students participated from colleges including Bengal college of Pharmaceuticals, Bengal Engineering College, IIT Kharagpur, Seacom Skills University, National Institute of Homeopathy, Narula Institute of Technology, IBS Kolkata, Hooghly Engineering & Technology college, Dr, Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering college and
Bharat Technology of West Bengal.

The emergence of Covid has also drawn attention towards the importance of a stronger immune system in the body.  In the wake of the scenario, the Art of Living instructors across the country have been conducting free online immunity enhancement and anxiety relief sessions. The program includes specific yogasanas, breathing techniques and meditation to help participants manage their emotions, address the anxiety and stress, along with boosting immunity among people.

These workshops place a special emphasis on strengthening the immune system by reducing stress levels and enhancing physical strength. Signature breathing techniques from The Art of Living were also taught for improving lung health as one of the program’s cornerstones.

“Before attending this session I was very disturbed with some problems and had no energy to do any sort of work or study,” said Akbar Ali, a student of Bengal College of Pharmaceutical, Durgapur, “But now I’m feeling really rejuvenated, calm and energized to do my duties.”

Miss Dipti Dubey, a faculty of Bengal Engineering College said,”I learnt how to start a day with stress-free mind and with full energy in this 3 day workshop.”

The Art of Living has also rolled out free Covid Yoga protocol for people of all age groups including those with mild symptoms to help them  become stress-free and improve lung capacity, where thousands have benefitted.



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