Sometimes we just want to escape the stress and anxieties that plague our everyday lives. We want to tune them out so we can focus on our mental and personal health. Meditation has been known to provide benefits in this area although this may take some practice without proper guidance. In comes the MindNap, a device that taps into your subconscious and serves as your personal meditation coach.

This handheld device aims to help “improve focus, deal with anxiety, and insomnia.” It features breathing and meditation exercises that help you reach “higher and deeper levels of relaxation.”

The MindNap harnesses the power of gentle vibrations to guide your breathing so you feel relax and calm. You can choose the length of the vibration and soundscape. During the process, the device detects your biosignals using a built-in sensor. A companion app then records your meditation performance and provides comprehensive data and analysis so you can get a better grasp of your meditation. The app shows how long you were in a calm and active state.

Aside from relaxation, the device also features a wide range of breathing training modes including focus, creativity, and energy. Moreover, this is a portable machine which means you can take it with you on the go. You can practice meditating at home, in the office, on transit inside a bus or train, or anywhere you see fit.

The MindNap essentially is a device that helps you get better sleep, reduce anxiety, improve focus at work or in school, and feel generally relax and stress-free.

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