Fatigue due to an erratic lifestyle is common in a run-of-the-mill life. BUT mental fatigue can lead to various kinds of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Consistent stress and anxiety related to workload, relationship issues, and career can turn into depression. Especially, in these testing times because of the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to take care of our mental health. May is celebrated as Mental Health Awareness Month every year with the aim of making people aware and sensitive towards mental health. Yoga Poses That Can Help Burn Belly Fat and Tone Your Abs.

Stress is often known to suppress the body's immune system reducing its ability to prevent various diseases. Therefore, it is important to beat stress Pranayam is known to help keep stress at bay. Breathing exercise for stress can help you in many ways. Pranayama is a powerful breathing technique that makes it easier to calm the body and mind while keeping control of the movement of breathing. It prepares the body to breathe through the chest that goes deep down to the abdominal area that signals the brain to calm down.

How to Perform Pranayam Correctly

  • For this, sit in a comfortable position on a chair or ground. Take a deep breath while keeping the spine straight.
  • Now, let the chest and abdomen swell while pulling the breath. Then, exhale the breath, counting from 1 to 5.
  • Practice it under the supervision of a professional yoga trainer. First, learn the right way to do pranayama. Then, practice it.
  • Benefits of doing Pranayam (Pranayam For Stress):

    Whenever, feel stressed. Practice deep breathing or pranayama. By this, stress is relieved. So, whenever you are in a situation where there is tension. So, with the help of Pranayama, it helps in reducing stress and discomfort. (Pranayam for stress)

How to Perform Pranayam Correctly (Watch Video):

Kapal Bhati Pranayam

This pranayama is suitable for opening blockages of the pulse. This process is also suitable for the detoxification of the body.

Bhastrika Pranayam

If you are feeling less energetic then do three rounds of Bhastrika Pranayama, you will find yourself full of power.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayam

If you are unable to concentrate on your work then do nine rounds of Pranayama and after that meditate for ten minutes.

Often, there is a lot of stress due to not being able to do office work or any important work for a stipulated time. So, at the same time, many people become very restless in everyday life due to problems like not getting taxi-rickshaws, getting stuck in traffic. This also increases their stress. By this, the breathing process is also affected. There is a lack of oxygen in the body due to not breathing properly. As a result, tension begins to occur. To avoid this, breathe slowly. Do breathing exercises regularly morning and evening.


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