The singer is pleased to return home with her baby son, Riley, after the newborn has experienced some serious health problems. Meghan Trainor She experienced a “horrible” childbirth, but now she’s open about it!

The star and a new mom were guests at the Today show early today, and while there she spoke openly about her son’s health problems that he experienced shortly after he came to the world!

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Apparently, the bunch of joy had breathing problems that caused a lot of anxiety and heartache for the new parents.

The trainer also mentioned that a small Riley gave birth by Caesarean section in February.

It was one of the horror stories he didn’t cry. He didn’t make a noise when he came out. I remember asking, “Why isn’t he crying?”

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A medical expert told Princess Megan that her baby had breathing problems and was immediately taken to the NICU and needed a feeding tube.

“I had to meet him for a second before they took him away. That was probably the worst part, but we’re lucky enough to take him home five days later. I was able to do it, “she said.

When things had already settled down and everything in the small family’s life was once again wonderful, Meghan Trainor went to her platform in April about the “unstable start” of her and her husband, the son of Daryl Sabara. I shared a clip of.

This video is intended to show the baby Riley’s journey from birth to that point in life, a happy new mom writes: Your mom, cute boy “

Thankfully, everything went well for a family of three, but it was definitely a very scary experience.

Meghan Trainor reveals “horrible” health anxiety for boys shortly after childbirth!

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