While Meghan Trainor called her now 3-month-old son "perfect," she understands her mental health is not always 100%. Trainor shared her precautionary pregnancy measures with "Today," which included going on a low-dose antidepressant, per People. "I made sure it was safe and talked to my doctors," Trainor said. "They told me, 'If you're happy, then your body will be happy and then your baby will happy.' I haven't had any postpartum depression or anything. I think the medicine definitely helped."

Trainor previously opened up about her battle with anxiety and depression back in 2018, which began after she experienced complications with her vocal chords — a health issue potentially detrimental to her singing career, per Glamour. "I thought, 'My God, is it going to be over for me forever?' I fell into a crazy, deep hole of depression and anxiety," she revealed on "The Dan Wootton Interview." After having a "full-blown panic attack," which saw Trainor even end up in the emergency room, she managed to get help via therapy — and a bit of old-fashioned self-care. 

And it seems like Trainor is continuing down that positive path, as she credits her quick recovery following her C-section to "eating well and staying hydrated" and eventually "working out," per Yahoo. "So I'm super-proud, and I know now that I can achieve anything. I'm like, if I can get through that C-section, man, I can do anything."

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