It's not long now until Lauren Goodger welcomes her first child into the world.

And with her anxiety about giving birth increasing, Lauren has enlisted the help of her doula who has been aiding her with hypnotherapy and meditation ahead of the baby's arrival.

Writing in her column for OK! magazine, she said: "I started hypnotherapy and meditation this week with my doula, which is someone you have there to support you through your birth. Having a doula is very spiritual and I'm open to anything.

"Anything that's going to get me through this birth I'm just going to give a go. We didn't actually start the yoga this week, but it was all about closing your eyes and practicing breathing techniques."

Lauren is busy preparing for the arrival of her first child
Lauren is busy preparing for the arrival of her first child

Lauren said she knows her anxious and worried thoughts are expected for mums but she has been glad to have the support of her doula.

"She said to me, 'I wish I'd met you sooner,' because she's going to help me get rid of the worry and anxiety about giving birth that all mums have. She's going to help me with my home birth too. I'll also have my midwife friend Marie and the NHS midwife there during the labour as well - not long to go now!," she added.

Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury
Lauren and Charles are thrilled to be having a baby girl

The TOWIE star - who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury - has been pampering herself ahead of her daughter's arrival.

It's all exciting in her world as Lauren has hopes to move house soon but doesn't think she will get a chance to squeeze it in before the baby arrives.

They have set their heart on having three babies.

“I’m 34 and I’m having my first, so you know, but depending on life and situations and whatever happens, I would like to have probably 3 kids," Lauren said on The Hot Mess Mums Club podcast.

"So by the time this ones here I will just be turning 35, so I could be 40 when I have my last. But yeah it’s a completely different generation... Now we do more things, we wanna have adventure and we wanna work, so women do have kids later."

Recently, Lauren and her other half Charles escaped to Canterbury for a babymoon just one month before the birth.

It was some well deserved time off for Lauren after she returned to work at her salon.

The salon doors were able to open again with the latest easing of lockdown restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

Lauren is meditating to keep her anxious thoughts at bay
Lauren is meditating to keep her anxious thoughts at bay

Nothing slows her down as the eight months' pregnant star was back into work as soon as her business LG Aesthetics London was allowed to open.

While the salon was closed, Lauren had been completing a micro-blading course and an aesthetics course at Cosmetic Couture.

She said: "A girl that I know said 'Why don’t you come in my salon and do an odd day here and there now things have opened up again?'

"Me being an absolute lunatic, I’ve decided to get back into doing fillers while I’m 31 weeks pregnant.

"I’ve set up a booking system and then I did another course this week to learn more about it," she continued.

"I’ve had quite a few clients already and I'm enjoying it. I must be mad!"

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