Lumi Interactive has announced its anti-anxiety mobile game, Kinder World, will release for iOS and Android later this year, and a demo is available now.

Kinder World is a relaxing houseplant game where you practice self-kindness skills by taking care of beautiful houseplants in a relaxing and lush atmosphere. Lumi Interactive cites pacifist games such as Animal Crossing and Neko Atsume as inspirations, and the gameplay is designed for a slower pace without the pressure of our day-to-day lives. By nurturing your plants, you also complete evidence-based wellbeing exercises such as stretching, breathing and expressing gratitude.

Designed during the pandemic, the all-female Australian developer found huge support for Kinder World with its Kickstarter success that is still ongoing. The goal was set to $25,000 AUD, of which the goal was easily smashed and is still rising. The campaign still has 17 days to go.

Kinder World also has a strong community theme, with you taking care of your plants with support from other players, and you’re also asked to pay it forward. Your actions contribute to a shared Community Tree, which shapes itself to reflect how the community reacts to each other over time.

“In a world where kindness seems harder and harder to come by,” says Lauren Clinnick from Lumi Interactive, “the team and I have found it deeply therapeutic to work with researchers and psychologists such as Dr. Tara Cousineau, PhD to develop a brand new way for people to learn how to be kind to themselves, one another, and the world.”

Kinder World sounds like it should be the game we all need a bit of in 2021. It will be available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store later this year, and you can download the demo from here.

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