MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee is one of many places in our area that have, or will, lift their Coronavirus restrictions.

The changes come under CDC guidance but, for some people, they could spark anxiety.

“Cause I choose not to get the vaccine, so for my safety and everyone else’s safety I just wear my mask," said Madison resident Fred Foster.

For many, masks have been a source of protection during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m not nervous because I believe in the science and I have been vaccinated," said Milwaukee resident Jennifer Baron.

“I wear it usually out of respect for other people’s fear versus my own concern at this point for my safety," said Delafield resident Jordan Lazovik.

Milwaukee psychologist Dr. Casey Holtz said it’s okay to be nervous about the guidance on masks changing.

“Ultimately, you think about your own level of safety and what it takes to take care of that," said Holtz, who is also an associate professor of psychology at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Instead of giving into fear or worry over others, Holtz advises educating yourself as much as possible.

And also, controlling what you can.

“And that would be how much of a distance you keep from people, whether you hug or not, putting on a mask or not, whether you even choose to attend an event or not – and realizing that you do have choice in those situations," said Holtz.

To help calm your worries, he also suggests breathing, going for a walk and taking your time.

If your family is divided on the mask issue, Dr. Holtz said open conversation is best.

You may have to agree to act as a unit, taking things slow and being more mindful.

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