On top of everything else the pandemic has been responsible for, add a rise in work-related burnout to the pile. Thanks to the combination of WFH in a pandemic, increased anxiety about personal and family health, an uncertain economy and job market as well as an increase in working hours, more people than ever have cited burnout as a mental health condition they’re currently struggling to cope with. The World Health Organisation (WHO) first recognised burnout as a mental health condition caused by chronic workplace stress back in 2019. Burnout symptoms – which can be physical or mental - include fatigue, brain fog, reduced productivity, emotional distancing from work and a general feeling of overwhelm. 

If this is all sounding familiar, then The Curiosity Academy’s new class on biohacking might just be for you.

A growing number of experts (and high-flying Silicon Valley millionaires) have turned to biohacking to find natural ways to operate at peak performance. Biohackers believe that optimising your own health and biology can not only ensure you operate at your absolute best, but will also help with practical problems such as focus, energy or overwhelm – and can be a successful way of combatting the effects of burnout. Using techniques such as breathwork, sleep, diet, as well as understanding neuroscience and our body’s natural behaviours, biohackers believe there are practical and natural ways to tackle many contemporary health conditions.

One such expert is Charlène Gisèle, a former lawyer turned primal health coach who suffered her own career burnout. After quitting her job in law, Charlène undertook years of study in primal health, which she has wrapped into this exclusive hour-long class for The Curiosity Academy. In The Curiosity Academy’s hour-long class, Charlène will explain why biohacking is the key to achieving wellness and balance in a working world, the science behind her method as well as sharing numerous practical tips and techniques for using biohacking at home to tackle the symptoms of burnout. Take her expert class today.

About this class

Class title: Biohack Your Way Back From Burnout

Type: Online class, pre-recorded

Duration: 1 hour

Price: £10, watch on-demand

What you’ll learn:

  • What biohacking is and how you can use it to improve your performance and create the ultimate antidote to career burnout
  • The connection between breathing and your nervous system, and why modulating your breathing patterns is your new superpower
  • Simple techniques to bring yourself back to a state of instant relaxation while boosting your cellular health via box breathing, belly breathing and the physiological sigh
  • The art of mastering single focus in order to work smart, not hard
  • Tricks to becoming an excellent planner using the Staircase Technique and how to reverse engineer your success
  • How to hack your concentration via single gazing
  • What intelligent breaks are and why taking them is vital to your career success
  • Why a sense of fulfillment is the best way to avoid burnout, and how to find it

Tutor: Charlène Gisèle

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