Milaidhoo Island Maldives offers guests the opportunity to master the art of breathing with the launch of brand-new workshops and practices.

Breathwork has rapidly become a global wellness trend and studies suggest that six weeks of practising Pranayamic breathing, the ancient practice of breath control used in yoga, has a proven positive effect on heart rate, stress levels and improving cognitive function and anxiety. Stemming from the Indian school of Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama uses breathing techniques to clear and calm the mind and allow breath and ‘prana’ (‘life force’) to flow freely.

Through bespoke workshops and practices, guests will learn how to control their breath, resulting not only in the enhancement of Yoga practice but a range of health benefits including relaxation, reducing anxiety and improving blood circulation.

Guided by Milaidhoo’s resident Yogi Shubh, each technique has been thoughtfully designed to help participants understand and learn to control their breathing in order to release any built up physical and psychological tension. “The Maldives is a naturally beautiful destination, offering a very calm and peaceful atmosphere, which enhances breathwork. Here, you truly have time to slow down and focus on the core elements of breathing and being present as you are free of everyday life’s distractions.”

The programme, consisting of workshops and practices, is aimed towards guests interested in learning how the mind and body are interconnected, keen to improve the capacity of their lungs and understand how to use breath as a coping mechanism. Through a combination of high and low intensity breathwork removing negative feelings of anxiety and strengthening the respiratory system, participants will leave with mental clarity and inner peace.

Arranged on a request basis, private single and couple breathing workshops can take place in the traditional thatched-roof suites of the over-water Serenity Spa. The spa’s soothing environment, with stunning views across the Indian Ocean help to relax the mind and body and encourage guests to fall into a deeper meditative state during their practice. Alternatively, private workshops can be arranged in-villa on the guests’ deck, or on an offshore sandbank surrounded by nothing but crystal-clear waters to aid an incredibly focused practice. For total tranquillity, guests can also opt for a session onboard a traditional Maldivian Dhoni (sailing boat), whilst cruising the lagoon listening to the calming sounds of the gentle waves splashing around them.

Breathing skills developed at Milaidhoo will stay with guests long beyond their trip and can be easily practiced at home. The development of self-awareness and self-control through breathing can also help guests to overcome stressful and challenging situations in their own daily life.

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