Have You Ever Felt Overwhelmed in Making Life Decisions?

 Am I Overthinking This?                                                                                             A Self-Help Essay Collection                                               

Ed. By JK Larkin                                                  

 Red Penguin Books (2021)

If you’ve ever felt confused and overwhelmed about what action to take in making important life decisions, you’re sure to find some sage advice in this book to point you in the right direction. Examples come from relatable life experiences. Suggestions are direct and to the point and are easy to follow.

Topics: How to find happiness, controlling news and social media bombardment, coming back from PTSD, walking our true path, how our astrological sign affects brain overload, is luck random, how proper breathing releases anxiety, looking for the Light, even with help only YOU can fix YOU, how our thoughts become our reality, walking away from abusive relationships, life’s lessons from a chess game, getting to the crux of the problem of bad dreams, learning to disregard fears to live a fulfilling life.

Authors: KB Gauthier, Michael P. Kusen, Jim Tritten, Elaine Donadio, Joanne Angel Barry Colon, Skye Ballantyne, Anna E. Kravis, David Lange, Christina Hoag, Mary Claire Leming.

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