Susan Robertson, 63, lives with nerve-attacking disease Guillain-Barre syndrome and says information hasn’t been clear enough on when she will get the jab.

Author: Andy BarghPublished 9 hours ago
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The wait for a coronavirus vaccine is shortening every day, but Clyde News is being told that doesn’t necessarily mean the anxiety winding it’s way through the minds of vulnerable people is disappearing.

People in priority group six of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) list should be seen this month, but that’s not good enough for Susan Robertson, 63, who lives with Guillain-Barre syndrome, meaning her limbs are often in extreme pain and she can also be affected by respiratory issues.

She should get the jab before the end of this month, along with people who suffer from like blood cancer, severe asthma, dementia and diabetes and various other underlying health conditions.

However, she’s dismayed at what she says is a lack of information and communication since the turn of the year in relation to when she should expect the vaccine.

High anxiety

Susan, who is wracked with anxiety and fear even when doing her essential food shop, is questioning why clarity hasn’t been provided directly to her, considering she is in a risky bracket.

Giving some background, she told Clyde News: “My disease is a viral infection and I was struck down in 2014. When it happened initially I couldn’t move my arms or legs throughout the day and I was sent to hospital.

“Everything started to shut down and by the evening I was on a ventilator in intensive care where I remained for seven months. My organs had shut down and I still have trouble breathing.

“I’ve slowly recovered but my hands don’t work properly and my legs are weak. I can’t lift my feet up and down and I have a three-wheeler walking aid.”

She continued: “I feel I should have been a higher priority. I’ve been told now that it’ll be this month, that’s fine, but I’m at the stage now where I feel until I get it I won’t be able to breathe a sigh of relief because my anxiety levels are so high. I can’t face getting seriously ill again.”

“My husband and I are dreadfully frightened that I catch the disease because I’d be very ill. I’m quite frustrated that twice I’ve contacted my GP to explain this but I’ve had no answers apart from ‘there’s nothing we can do’.

“I spoke to them last week after a phone consultation and was told I should hear something this month but that’s the first piece of information I’ve had.

“I’m very concerned I’ve not had the vaccine yet, I feel nobody has listened to me. I get that everyone is frightened but I’m feeling vulnerable and frightened to leave my house. It’s scary and my family are frightened for me.

“It’s very difficult to find someone to speak to about this and staff on the vaccine helpline don’t have answers either, so it’s totally bizarre.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “If someone has an underlying condition, but was not shielding or on the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable list, then they will be in priority group 6. This includes a large number of people and, while invites are being sent out this week, it will take some time to invite everyone, so we ask for patience over the coming weeks. Please wait to be invited for your vaccination over the coming weeks.

“If someone thinks they should have been invited to a vaccination appointment by now, they can access the missing invites form online at NHS inform.”

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