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Nov 19, 2021, 05:03 pm

Feeling nervous before exams? Here's how to beat exam fever
The fear we experience before exams impacts our brain too

Unrealistic expectations or the fear of not scoring well in exams cripples us from the inside, creating immense pressure, stress, low self-esteem, confidence issues, and also anxiety.

In extreme cases, some students may become suicidal just fearing the backlash a bad set of marks would invite.

But do you know this impacts your brain?

While you cannot eliminate it completely, try these calming techniques.

Think like you have plenty of time; practice deep breathing

Think like you have plenty of time; practice deep breathing

Firstly, calm down and slow down your breathing. Imagine you have plenty of time and then inhale and exhale slowly.

This should be effortless and will lower your stress levels and anxiety as it would help your nervous system to shift to a more restful state.

This can also help people to have a good sleep. It can lower your blood pressure as well.

Correct your inhalation, strengthen cardiovascular muscles with balloon breathing

Do you know the right technique for inhalation? Just close your eyes and imagine that your lungs are like balloons.

Now, when you start inhaling slowly, your balloons (lungs) enlarge in all directions.

Similarly, if you feel that your lungs are lifting your ribs and pushing your belly, you are inhaling in the correct manner.

This practice strengthens your cardiovascular muscles as well.

Alternate nostril breathing regulates heart rate, boosts oxygen intake

Alternate nostril breathing regulates heart rate, boosts oxygen intake

If you are able to do all the above-mentioned steps, try alternate nostril breathing.

This will help balance your mind and body and enhance your lung functioning.

It will calm you down to an extent that you may not experience anxiety.

Avoid mouth breathing and focus on nostril breathing as it regulates heart rate, boosts oxygen intake, and prevents gum inflammation and bad breath.

Apart from breathing techniques, try yoga asanas

Apart from the aforementioned techniques, you can also try these yoga asanas as a way to beat exam stress:

Surya Namaskar: Has an effect on the entire body, oxygen circulation becomes better, and you feel energetic.

Pranayama: Improves concentration and gives you a peaceful mind.

Halasana: Your nervous system gets the necessary boost and your body feels flexible as well.

All the best!

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