Ruta Bakshi

Pune: For more than a year now, many parts of the world have been in and out of lockdowns because of the pandemic. The scarcity of hospital beds across the country has left most of the people with no choice except quarantining themselves at home and doing their best to get better. Dr. Amit Walimbe from Pune suggests some effective methods to treat the patient while staying at home.

1) Keep a tab on the patient’s oxygen saturation, at least thrice a day

It is vital to regularly check the patient’s oxygen levels on an oximeter. Seek medical attention immediately if the oxygen is less than 94%.

2) Regularly check-in with the patient’s doctor and keep them updated

Make sure the patient’s doctor is kept aware of their oxygen levels and medication, as prescribed by the doctor.

3) Make sure the patient does not sleep on their back

Strictly make the patient sleep in the left lateral decubitus position (as shown in the picture) or on their stomach, as it helps improve breathing.

4) Prone positioning, in case the patient is having trouble breathing

,br> Prone positioning is the process of turning a patient from their back onto their abdomen. It is a medically accepted position to improve breathing comfort and oxygenation.


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