Daniel Weber has been working extremely hard to create a line-up of strong and relevant guests for his Instagram-based chat show, Stories of Hope. While the idea behind the show is to spread positivity in the lives of people, it also works towards creating awareness around mental health, physical wellness and more.

In the 16th episode of his show, the composer and entrepreneur invited former Miss India and actress Sarah Jane Dias to discuss the connection between mental and physical health. Sarah, who has graduated to web shows in recent years, has been through clinical depression and anxiety and runs Mind It that encourages awareness about mental health issues. It was only when she began to feel better with professional help at hand that she decided to openly speak about it and stress on the importance of identifying mental health issues and resolving them.

While talking to Daniel, she opened up about how she managed to find workspace in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom and sister last year during the national lockdown, how she believes that working out in some form can always help release stress and why it’s essential to find the right therapist for mental health conditions.

“I just felt it was essential to address mental health concerns. I have been through it. After tests and a thorough diagnosis, I was told I had clinical depression and anxiety. I realised talking about these issues does not make one weak. It’s empowering. There’s another aspect to this. Depression and anxiety could also be situational – like what people could be experiencing because of the unpredictable nature of COVID19 and what life on the other side has in store. People have lost jobs, loved ones and more. In such times, it’s important to focus on both mental and physical health. It’s interconnected. Find ways and means to workout within the confines of your house, something like yoga and breathing exercises that can calm your mind. Also, it’s essential to find a therapist who is a certified professional and one who clicks with you,” says Sarah.

Daniel, who is also consulting a therapist online, believes, “Whatever you see around you, remember that everyone is going through something. No one gets stronger by doing easy things. And with the times that we’re in, there’s no shame in speaking up about mental health issues and seeking the right help.”

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