Fear is not a pleasant feeling as it causes accelerated heartbeat, fast breathing, and nervous perspiration. We’ve all experienced it. It is an intensified variant of anxiety, an emotion design to make you react. While most try to steer away from such feelings, some like to push the envelope and see how much they can tolerate. They receive satisfaction when they realize the level of anxiety that they have been able to endure. Some can even make a career of chasing after these kinds of thrills.

Many pro sports do not only push an athlete’s physical and mental capacity, but they also come with a high rate of injury, prolonged negative effects, and even death. It’s a gamble participating in such activities, a spin of the roulette wheel of life. 

Though, when it comes to gambling today, most prefer to play at online casinos. These platforms provide the same level of excitement and big wins as land-based establishments, from the palm of your hand. To make things even better, some of the online casinos also have a sportsbook section where you can bet on the sports that we are about to mention, American football included. For example, not only can you bet online with Novibet, but you can also gain access to the latest casino games at that site.

They are not the future, but the present, and people are taking advantage when they are on the prowl for excitement and profit.

Nonetheless, rarely can anyone rely on luck to earn a living. Thus, gifted thrill-seekers turn to a sport that can get their adrenaline going and puts some cash in their pocket. 


Spanish-style bullfighting is a sport where the goal is to dispatch of a bull, and while the outcome is almost always death for the creature, sometimes matadors suffer as well. They get gored every season. However, with modern medicine, antibiotics, and advances in surgery, fatalities are now rare. Nonetheless, they happen. In 2013, 47 injuries occurred from a total of 661 bullfights in Spain. Promoters even had to close the prestigious San Isidro bullfight that year because three matadors got gored in one day.


You may not think that boxing should not be on this list, but if you hold that opinion, you’re likely not familiar with the dangers of the sweet science. The amount of head trauma boxers receive is ungodly. Laymen may believe that MMA is far more dangerous, but that’s not the case. In boxing, the main goal is to strike the opponent’s head. Sure, there are body shots, but the majority of hits are to the head, and this causes irreparable damage to the brain, leaving pro boxers with slurred speech and memory issues.

American Football

Some may think that rugby is more dangerous because there is no protective gear in rugby. However, the fact that football players have gear lets them slam into each other at great speeds. These hits cause massive head trauma, and many players face the same symptoms as pro boxers. Usually, worse. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is the medical term.. Over the years, the sport of football has seen many suicides due to depression, headaches, dizzy spells, and other symptoms that have made life unbearable for those that had one too many concussions.

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