Right now, there's no correct classification of what side-effects post vaccination could be reactogenic, and which ones could be anxiety-related.

However, having said that, since heightened stress levels fuel an internal physiological response that leads to a number of vasovagal reactions, some of the reported symptoms could be considered to be causative of anxiety, and not directly of the vaccine. As per case studies, some side-effects such as palpitations, elevated heart rate, nausea, fatigue, neurological symptoms such as shaking, weakness, dizziness or loss of consciousness could be linked to anxiety and extreme nervousness around vaccination. Do remember that these reactions could also be fueled by underlying conditions as well.

In comparison to this, the most common and prevalent side-effects resultant of the vaccine administration are inflammatory in nature, such as running a mild fever, muscle pain, pain at the injection site, chills and weakness (flu-like reactions).

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