JAIPUR: Parents of a nine-year-old boy, a resident of Shastri Nagar, looked anxious when their son reached JK Lon Hospital with influenza-like illness symptoms such as cold and cough. However, when doctors counseled them that it was just common cold, they were relieved. Hospitals are witnessing increasing number of cases with upper respiratory tract infections, allergy and asthma, influenza, cough and fever during monsoon.
“What is important is that the city is not witnessing Covid transmission much. We also check if a patient has any history of travelling to other states while clinically examining such cases for diagnosing the disease. Some parents look anxious and worried when they bring their children to the hospital with influenza-like illness symptoms. In some suspected cases, we get Covid test done too. Parents should also consult doctors if children gets symptoms similar to Covid,” said Dr Ashok Gupta, head of the department (medicine), JK Lon Hospital.
Since experts predict that more children will get affected during the third wave, a lot of parents of children suffering from even common cold and influenza get tensed. Doctors pointed out that anxiety due to fear of Covid is also a major issue.
Doctors attributed rise in common cold, influenza and respiratory tract infection cases to rains and change in weather. Though rains have provided relief from the scorching heat, it has brought along seasonal illnesses. Not only in children, but also in adults, upper respiratory tract infection, body ache, fever, cough and cold have become quite common during monsoon.
“New Covid admissions have gone down drastically as the state is reporting 20-30 daily infections. However, we have witnessed rise in cases such as throat infection, common influenza and other such symptoms which resembles to the symptoms of covid,” said Dr Ajit Singh, superintendent, dedicated Covid RUHS Hospital.
During monsoon, the vector-borne disease cases also go up. However, in July, only 11cases of dengue were reported in Jaipur.
Health department officials said they were conducting door-to-door survey in different parts of the state to keep a check on seasonal diseases such as dengue, malaria,scrub typhus and influenza.
Doctors advise since it is difficult to differentiate Covid-19 and common influenza initially, as they have a similar disease presentation, people should continue following covid appropriate behavior and also take measures to get common influenza
Covid and common influenza both cause respiratory disease
People should remain vigilant, if they have other symptoms such as toothaches, pain in the sinuses, bad breath, reduced sense of smells, differently coloured mucus, postnasal drip, difficulty in breathing, body aches and pains, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea


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