i’m 23 yo woman, hypothyroidism (levothyroxine), bpd (venlafaxine and trazodone), on the pill (ethinylestradiolum and gestodenum), factor V leiden, 169 cm (5’3), weight im not sure but around 65 kg probably. i’m caucasian.

i’ve been on venlafaxine for a little over a year and for about a month i’ve been having withdrawal symptoms even tho i took my dose or even before it would be time for my dose. i get vertigo, brain zaps, my brain feels shaky.

this morning i noticed they gave me wrong dose of levothyroxine in the pharmacy around a month ago – 50 mg instead of 75. could it be the reason why i get the withdrawal symptoms?

imma see my psychiatrist tomorrow, i’m just too curious to wait : )

thank you for your time!

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