hey so there is evidence certain antidepressants improve eczema for some people. Bupropion, for example.

Now I happened to have a very bad reaction to bup, so I can't say it did me any good.

Effexor on the other hand-- I started about two weeks ago and unfortunately it hasn't yet affected my mood. However! The skin of my face has improved a great deal.

There could be other factors at play, of course. But it does really seem to coincide. The texture of my skin has improved dramatically, and it is significantly less dry.

Afaik there is no research into this medication and eczema specifically, but like I said other antidepressants have been used as treatments.

I also wouldn't necessarily recommend this one-- I think I'm lucky in the sense that I experience about zero side effects so far, while many people seem to have a horrible first few weeks with this medication. It is supposedly also an unpleasant experience to stop.

But yeah response to antidepressants is very individual. I hope it will actually help my mood at some point but at least my skin is less of a bother. The lack of extreme dryness is especially nice.

Anyway if you're suffering from long-term eczema and nothing really helps maybe try out an antidepressant? Apparently there are derms who prescribe specific ones for eczema, though I got this one from a psychiatrist.

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