I have been struggling with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and occasional tachycardia episodes due to it. Have left my house maybe 20 times since January and barely get out of bed because it is so bad. I have GAD but the last year my health anxiety has also been horrible, so I’m afraid to do anything because I’m afraid something is wrong with my heart. I’ve been to the ER several times and they would give me Xanax and beta blockers and I’d calm down. I saw a doctor in May who gave me klonopin and then stopped because she thought I was a drug addict due to going to ER so much I guess.

I saw a new primary care physician on Friday and she prescribed 0.25 mg Xanax to take 1-2 times a day as needed along with starting to take Prozac. I have not taken the Xanax every day as I don’t want to get addicted but when I do I don’t think it works. I am always anxious but sometimes I will start having random anxiety attacks; racing heart, feeling like someone is squeezing my chest and I gasp for air, sweaty hands, heightened mental anxiety. And when I take a Xanax it doesn’t seem to calm me down as I feel anxious for hours until I tire myself out. It scares me because I know if it doesn’t help my anxiety attacks it definitely won’t help if I am having a panic attack because they are 10x worse.

How do I tell my doctor this without making her suspicious that I am an addict? I don’t want to seem desperate or like I need to take more but I am tired of feeling this way and I don’t think my current dosage is helping. I’m afraid she will think I’m lying and then deem me as unsafe to prescribe emergency anxiety meds to like my last doctor.

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