The last time I tried zoloft, i felt very.... foggy and out of it, disoritentated and then after I ejaculate one day, i felt zero orgasm whatsoever. It was worrying... i know this is a likely possibility with SSRIS but didn't give it long enough to see if it would stop or change as it was an unnaceptable side effect for me.

I am currently trying Prozac, side effects are absolutely minimal, especially sexually etc but then i don't think it's working. I am thinking of trying sertraline again... is it likely my side effects will be similar/the same as last time or possibly less because I am currently on Prozac. Has anyone here also gone from prozac to sertraline and can say how it differered?

I dont know whether to try 60mg prozac (on 40mg atm) or to just try another SSRI.

Thanks all

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