I'm on day 13 of starting Fluoxetine. I understand the first few weeks are the adjustment, but I'm not sure the level of the side effects are acceptable.

One of the most concerning effects is my breathing and sleep. My anxiety has become worsened, and I'm having several panic attacks a day. Even at the slightest stressful thought, my chest constricts.The other day I had to pull over on the way to a social event because I was only able to breathe a few seconds a minute, basically suffocating. I also am loosing sleep because I keep waking up to panic attacks. I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before a job interview.

Eating has be come so difficult. I'm already eating more than I did before starting it, and I constantly feel malnourished. Down 7lbs as of yesterday and bones are much more prominent. When I do eat food feels disgusting, taking me an hour to stomach down just a bowl of cereal. I've blacked out several time the other day most likely due to malnutrition (I used to pass out frequently when struggling with Ed).

I called the office on day 9, and as the title says, they said to just give it a few weeks. I'm really not having a good time. While my depression has subsided, I almost don't feel like these side effects are worth it. I feel really defeated and don't know what to do.

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