Hey just started the fluoxetine on 20mg Felt better through good week and leading into luteal then honestly I’d say I had about the same level of dysphoria/existential crisis but not so easily triggered into rage.. anyway I’m curious about your experience with side effects on this drug and if you up your dose for luteal and if it helps.. the side effects I’ve noticed so far but don’t know if it’s just in my head… Pinging head pains that come and go random pings don’t last long but can be reoccurring often, seems induced by stress/lack of sleep.. Weak pee stream Very occasional muscle/back cramps And I had a moment where my vision was impaired and like rainbow halos and tunnel vision I went to bed and it went away did not enjoy it..

So how long have you been taking, what side effects do you choose to live with? What mg dose? Any advise much appreciated talking with my doc tomorrow about how things are going and possibly adding birth control (which I’m honestly just not ready for yet emotionally)

I’m also waiting for adhd/ autism screening and am pretty sure I have one if not both..

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