I had a Fast AF episode back in October and no cause was found. I think I was dehydrated.

The hospital put me on 2.5mg of Bisoprolol but I couldn't tolerate it so it was reduced to 1.25.

I had a 24hr ECG and as it came back normal, I was discharged from cardiology before I was even seen.

I've since gone on to have another Fast AF funny do where they admitted me but didn't give me any medication as they want me to see the cardiologist first.

For the past few days, I've had bouts of irregular heartbeats last an hour. I phoned 111 but by the time they phoned me back, the palpations had stopped.

My GP phoned and has put me in 10mg of Propranolol twice a day.

Does this help with random irregular heartbeats and are the side effects as bad as Bisoprolol?

Thank you for reading x

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Best way for them to see what is happening is halter monitor, at least a 24hr one, I had a small 'heart bug' they put on for a month, you just send in recordings every day. But even taking note of when they happen will help. It is a test on the nerves. Hope you get it sorted. If you can't talk to gp, pharmacist are very knowledgeable about meds and side effects. Take care. Moni


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