I started taking citalopram 10mg 5 weeks ago, for anxiety and panic attacks I developed from a combination of events; manly stress induced / health anxiety. The day after I started this medication I felt dramatically better than I had been previously feeling. Panic attacks stopped, the symptoms of anxiety (not able to focus, racing thoughts, dizziness, racing heart beat, cold sweats, diarrhea, lack of appetite, shakes/ jitters, fixated thoughts on potential health issues, etc.) had nearly completely stopped. I had 2 weeks of feeling next to normal again. I received test results that cleared my medical concerns and I associated that with helping cure my anxiety. I continued the 10mg dosage. However within the last week my symptoms of anxiety have been returning, mildly, but present for majority of the day. I’m experiencing jitters/shakes, shortness of breath, inability to focus, random bursts of spacey-ness, just feeling off or weird. I have a follow up with my DR. at the 6 week mark, but I’ve been debating stopping the medication because of how I’ve been feeling so late into the experience of the medication. I expected these side effects earlier than now, and the fact I feel like I’m reversing has me contemplating the medication/ curious about others having a similar experience.

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