Ok lately I’ve had some issues with falling asleep and staying asleep. I was becoming miserable so the doctor prescribed me trazadone to help. They are 50 mg.

Last night I took one pill then fell asleep around midnight. I got up to feed my dog around 8 in the morning but was still super tired and went back to bed. My fiancé woke me up around 1030 then he left and I slept again until noon. When he got back I still felt tired and slept on the couch until three.

I know a side effect is being groggy when you wake up. I feel like it was beyond that and overall I just don’t feel that good now after taking it and sleeping that long.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Do you get more used to it or does this happen every time? My doctor said just try not to take it every day so I DONT get used to it.

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