My pharmacist told me they do when I spoke to her about my insomnia, she has dispensed aps for that reason. Since I have insomnia I’ve researched in online and there are a lot of insomniacs that have been prescribed low doses 2.5-5mg of olanzapine for insomnia. Some doctors do it while others are against it. I’ve read various opinions.

Yeah, don’t. Or at least make it one of your last options. My personal opinion is that I hate that drug. i was on 40mg for 17 years. it made me fat, unhealthy, diabetic, lethargic and useless. I used to sleep fine before I was on it, and while I was on it I slept 12 hours a day on average, but when I quit it almost 5 months ago I developed withdrawal insomnia and I still suffer from it. I also had a bunch of other weird withdrawal effects, but those have finally passed. I’ve tried quitting olanzapine several times in the past and I always get insomnia when i do, it’s done something to my brain. Do a google search for “olanzapine withdrawal insomnia” and there are thousands of people in the same boat, there is a Facebook group for it too.

I’m now on 60mg of Lurasidone and doing much better (except for the insomnia, I have to take 1.5mg of clonazepam to sleep so now I am a benzo junkie)

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