I haven’t had a good nights sleep in almost a year. I’m definitely depressed and my anxiety is pretty out of control, but who wouldn’t feel like that after a year of not sleeping. I’m also on a cpap which has not changed anything. I fall asleep but can’t stay asleep. This combination of medications seemed a little either dramatic or not what I was expecting to be prescribed. I asked about trazodone, busporine, and Xanax and my doctor basically said he’d never prescribe me any of those. I don’t take anything at the moment except using the cpap. Does this seem like a logical first step? Like I said, I’m definitely depressed but it seems like it’s from not sleeping. I asked if I could just take the doxepin and he said no, you have to take both. Does anyone have any thoughts? I really don’t want to start on both of these at once especially because I won’t know which is causing what side effect.

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