Hina Khan is a Pilates girl. The actor, when not working, is usually spotted in the quaint corners of her gym working out in animal mode. Hina swears by high intensity workouts, yoga, kickboxing and Pilates. Hina’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of herself working out in beast mode and they manage to serve us with regular motivation to hit the gym. Hina loves her fitness routine and believes in focusing her dedication and hard work on working on herself.

The actor recently took off to Dubai with her mother for a vacation. Since then, she has been sharing snippets of her travel diaries on her Instagram profile. From posing by the Miracle Garden in Dubai – her late father’s favourite place – to posing inside Burj Khalifa hugging her momma – Hina has been doing it all. In the midst of her trip, Hina did not forget to take care of her fitness. The actor shared a short video of herself performing a Pilates routine on her Instagram profile and it is giving us major fitness goals.

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In the video, Hina can be seen balancing her body on her one leg on the floor and stretching her other leg with controlled movements on the Pilates reformer. With her upper body straight and looking straight, Hina can be seen performing the routine repeatedly. With the video, Hina wrote about the importance of learning to breathe correctly. Take a look at her routine here:

Pilates come with multiple health benefits. It helps in enhancing the flexibility of the body. It also helps in increasing muscle strength and tone of abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks. When incorporated in the daily fitness routine, Pilates help in developing muscular control of the back and the limbs. It also helps in balancing the muscle strength on both sides of the body.

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