Hair follicles need blood and oxygen to thrive and grow without breakage. As per SkinKraft, increased blood flow in the scalp can make the hair grow longer. Proper blood circulation nourishes hair follicles with oxygen. When you have low blood circulation in your scalp, your hair follicles will gradually become dormant, which leads to thinning and weaker hair.

Kerry Fisher, meditation and yoga teacher, tells Stylecraze, "The yoga poses that are considered by some to be good for hair growth are divided into those poses that bring blood to the scalp, like inversions, and those poses that are relaxing to the body... When your body is at rest, your body can regenerate itself." Yoga poses that increase blood flow in the scalp include downward facing dog pose, standing forward fold pose, and child's pose. For your hair to benefit from increased blood flow to the scalp, make sure you nourish your scalp so that hair follicles grow freely.

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