Breathing Games by Breathing Labs were used to help kids aged X-Y years train vocalisation a speech synthesis. Kids attended therapy at XXXXX logopedic centre two times a week for 30 minutes per session for a duration of 4 weeks and performed breathing exercises with breathing headset by breathing labs .... After each use breathing headset was cleaned.... Therapist assessed improvements in kids speech by testing their ability to pronounce.. Kids reported enjoying exercise... etc.. Continuing is the interview with a therapist (practitioner):

What is your typical visitor and what is your typical therapy?

My clients are kids aged from 3-6 with such and such disorder...

What was different now that you used breathing games?

Yada yada...

What was the hardest thing in this therapy?


What you think is the biggest benefit?


Would you suggest anything to users using breathing games at home for this use case?


How can people reach out to you with some questions?