To this tool there are certain extras that we can add such as the possibility of carrying out electrocardiograms and be able to get them in PDFin this way we can send our doctor all the news that has happened in our cardiac trend.

Fall detection to avoid scares

Possibly you have never ‘fallen’ -and we hope you don’t- in this option for your smart watch. However, time has ended up giving Apple, its precursor, right and it is currently a tool that should be almost mandatory if you want your watch to be an ideal companion.

Just in case you had never come across it, it is a function with which in the event that we fallthe clock will activate a countdown, which, at the end of the countdown, call the emergency services, sent your location and an alert call for them to come to your rescue. In this way, if the fall has been too strong, you will not have to fear to stay there until someone finds you, which is most useful.

Yes, it is true that depending on the brand, each detection mode works in a different way, making use of the accelerometer and gyroscope and from there, changing the procedures, the form of the call or the countdown.

Examine your sleep routine

Among the good tools that we can count on in our watch, perhaps one that we are going to use every day is sleep measurement, so that every night analyze the way we sleep based on certain parameters. Reliable or not? It certainly depends on the quality of the components that examine the dream, but they are usually the most reliable.

What sleep measurement tools usually do is analyze the heart rate, our breathing or the movement we make during the night to know if we are awake or if we are too restless and therefore, we are not having a good sleep. In addition, in many cases, sleep routines are also examined from the system itself, so it is also a way of establish an order within our dream.

Other interesting features for your health

Among the options that we can count on in our watch, there are some that can be interesting to have, but they are not going to be totally essential for your day-to-day life or you may not even get to use it. This is the case, for example, of the blood oxygen measurement, which is also not entirely important or the temperature sensor; issues that will also make the price of your watch more expensive.

What is important, for example, is the control of physical exercise to complement a totally healthy life. That you have a good physical activity service with which you can get fit and have good health in each and every one of the aspects of your daily life. In the event that it has different sports modes, it will be the ideal to be healthy and strong.

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