Encouraging fitness treatments in patients with asthma can enhance their quality of life, according to research published in the Journal of Health Psychology. The University of East Anglia undertook the study to examine if physical activities such as aerobics and strength or resistance training may aid persons with asthma. Asthmatic individuals frequently avoid strenuous activities […]

President Biden is scheduled to travel to Kentucky on Monday but he will not go if he is still positive for the coronavirus, the White House said Friday. Mr. Biden “feels very well” but he tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday and will continue his isolation in the White House residence, his doctor, Kevin […]

A Washington, DC, library police officer was shot and killed during expandable baton training Thursday afternoon. A retired DC Metro Police lieutenant, who was conducting the training, was charged with involuntary manslaughter over the shooting. Police responded to the Anacostia Neighborhood Library at 3:32 p.m.  Once at the scene, officers found a woman who was […]

The skin and pulp of a peach can cause an allergic response. Image Credit: alvarez/E+/GettyImages In This Article Peaches are arguably summer’s most quintessential fruit, but unfortunately, they don’t agree with everyone. If you have uncomfortable symptoms after eating them, you might wonder: Can you be allergic to peaches? The answer is yes. Here, learn […]

A retired Washington DC police officer has been charged with manslaughter after a city library police officer was shot and killed during a training session. Officials say that Jesse Porter, 58, was conducting the session on baton use for special police officers at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library when he fired a shot that killed Maurica […]

There seems to be equal parts mystery and misinformation surrounding the pelvic floor. One of the most common misperceptions is that “pelvic floor issues” are a “woman problem,” that doesn’t affect men. In truth, while women in general and runners in particular, are at higher risk of developing pelvic floor dysfunction, especially if they are […]

The PGA Tour Leans on Whoop for Early COVID-19 Detection By Andrew Cohen June 25, 2020 Wearable fitness company Whoop is sending more than 1,000 smart wristbands to players, caddies, media, and employees on the PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour and Champions Tour. The PGA Tour is hopeful that Whoop’s biometric data feedback will possibly […]

Warning: This article may contain graphic and/or adult content unsuitable for minors and sensitive readers. Read the artilce The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) has confirmed the first direct link between the death of a person who took the J$J vaccine. The person presented with the rare neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) soon […]

In the U.S., a record-setting 81,000 people died from overdoses involving opioids in 2021. But despite that grim number, there’s hope: medications like buprenorphine can treat opioid-use disorder, while harm-reduction methods such as needle exchanges can limit threats like infectious disease. There’s also another promising tool, naloxone. The emergency medication reverses the effects of opioids […]

Photo: ‘Keep Breathing’ ‘Keep Breathing,’ at its core is a drama genre series with dramatic survivalist elements. The main story of the film unfolds through flashbacks which serve as the primary method through which the series develops the protagonist’s character. The show uses the setting of the disaster, a plane crash that leaves the heroine […]

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – A sedative that’s only approved for animals is contributing to overdoses in Jefferson County. It’s called Xylazine and it is showing up in drug overdoses at the Jefferson County Coroner’s office. There’s been a big increase this year, with 36 deaths so far. “It slows down the respiration, the breathing,” Jefferson […]

The market for new widebody powerplants served by Rolls-Royce is not experiencing the “very intense” pressures on supply chains seen in the narrowbody sector, according to the engine-maker’s outgoing chief executive Warren East. Speaking during a first-half earnings call on 4 August, East explained that while the single-aisle market is struggling to cope with ramping-up […]

Wearable Wireless Patch Device Market Growth Insights In 2022 : A wearable wireless healthcare patch is an all-in-one monitor that can measure heart rate, breathing patterns and other vital signs, offering both clinical and consumer healthcare uses. Market Analysis and Insights: Global Wearable Wireless Patch Device Market The global Wearable Wireless Patch Device market size […]

Relationships ranging from heart rate and you may fresh air saturation Evaluation | Carried on Studies | WebMM: Instance Studies | Education Inventory The actual situation An enthusiastic 84-year-dated woman which have a reputation chronic obstructive pulmonary situation (COPD) for the family fresh air (1–2 L/min) made available to the newest crisis agency with cough, […]

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> My partner and I binged every season of the History Channel’s reality TV show Alone during the early days of the pandemic and have kept up with new seasons as they’ve dropped. We devoured Alone on weekends. We ate countless dinners in front of Alone. I even did some crunches and push-ups while Alone played […]

While running may be your go-to exercise, cross training is an essential part of an injury-free runner’s lifestyle. Simply put, cross training is any sport or activity that’s complementary to your running routine that improves both your performance and stamina. To prepare for the Wings for Life World Run, elite runners often cross-train. So whether […]