Land shark alert! Epaulette sharks use their paddle-like fins to “walk.” It’s not as dramatic as it sounds. And certainly not a threat to humans. It also isn’t a new discovery. It is, however, very cool and actually quite cute. They move this way both in the ocean and across land when exposed during a […]

They touched your chin and traced the finger down to your neck, as they bite their lip and whispered in your ear, “you better not cum, yet” with a voice that is controlling, calming and chilling at the same time. You know, sometimes, the sexiest thing in the world could be the power of being […]

Using the Eight Sleep app, I can set a specific schedule that changes while I sleep via the Temperature Dial. The temperatures span from -10 (deemed extremely cold by the app) to +10 (extremely hot). At my set bedtime, I program the bed to feel -5 (very cold). It shifts to -3 (cold) during my […]

By Steve Moseley As promised in this space last Saturday, our quest now is to probe just a few of the side effects of just a few of the mysterious concoctions drug marketers are blitzing us with daily on the tube. First, perhaps, is to dispose of that most awkward Peyronie’s disease remedy, Xiaflex. This […]

Source: Run FFWPU/Pexels What’s the most difficult part of an endurance race for you? Few people will say the beginning because they are excited and full of energy at the start of the race. Some say the middle of a race, particularly those doing, for example, Ironmans and ultra-runs, because they’ll have been out on […]

Respiratory coaching is a form of physical therapy that is growing in popularity. Practitioners believe that it can improve mental health as a type of meditation, help alleviate symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and enhance athletic performance. True scientific research into respiratory coaching is limited at this time and early studies show trends […]

***For All Things Wyoming, Sign-Up For Our Daily Newsletter*** By Leo Wolfson, political [email protected] U.S. Sen. John Barrasso believes polygraphs could play an important role in ensuring national security.   Barrasso and Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan, sponsored a bill that would require the U.S. Secretary of Energy to administer polygraph examinations to non-green card holding […]

Jettainer is giving a second life to retired air cargo containers. The robust materials used in unit load devices (ULDs) are being turned into fashionable shoulder bags and keychains that are now available for purchase. The international leader in ULD management has forged a partnership with the upcycling specialist B2L and will enhance the product […]

THE tragic case of youngster Archie Battersbee, who sadly died last week, has no doubt caused discomfort and indeed distress, for the many who have followed it in the media. While provoking debate, it may have also caused a certain degree of confusion of the meaning of some medical phrases, including the terms brain and […]

CHOCOHOLICS, you’re in luck. It turns out your favourite treat could be doing wonders for your heart. 5 We have 8 simple hacks to prevent high blood pressure, including laughingCredit: Getty New research has discovered it lowers blood pressure thanks to flavanols – antioxidants found in cocoa which loosen veins and arteries. Participants in the […]

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is an elective cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin around the abdomen (belly). The goal is to tighten and slim the belly or tummy area. It may also involve tightening or sewing abdominal muscles back together. Tummy tucks are not a weight loss surgery. If weight loss is your goal, you […]

Breath Training Device Professional Market analysis is provided for the Global market including development trends by regions, competitive analysis of Breath Training Device Professional market. Breath Training Device Professional Industry report focuses on the major drivers and restraints for the key players. According to the Breath Training Device Professional Market report, the global market is […]

Did you guys know that LEGO IDEAS kits start off as fan-made sets which are then submitted for review. The company then makes it viewable by other users who can then choose to support it. Those that reach 10,000 votes have the potential to become commercially available. We’ve featured plenty of these before, but this […]

Disposable medical devices sensors are handheld or portable scanning devices used for patient monitoring, diagnostics or therapeutics. These devices are used to monitor basic vital signs. One of the widely used sensor device is Scanadu, which is a small hand-held sensor and is positioned on the patients forehead to measure heart rate, breathing rates, blood […]

You quickly learn, as a palliative care doctor, that the moments after someone’s death can be disarming, paradoxical and deeply unnerving. The deceased – if briefly – remains warm, infused with blood and vitality. As you clasp their hand, you can feel it cooling. These are the remnants of life, physically, awfully, ebbing away. The […]

Fitbit is one of the go-to brands if you want a fitness tracking device. Fitbit’s product line includes a variety of trackers and smartwatches that provide a variety of different tracking features, all aimed at improving your fitness, health, and overall wellness. However, the burden of selecting what’s best for your needs comes with more […]

USRPT: How This ‘Unconventional’ Training Works Every athlete trains differently, and no one training regimen is the same for every athlete. This fact is especially true in the world of swimming. Over the course of the swimming’s history, training has evolved through advancements in technology and approach. Over time, different kicks and breathing patterns have […]

07.08.2022 12:08 Learning to breathe independently again with electronic “personal trainer” Greifswald University Medical Center will continue to rely on a new medical technology development from Canada for respiratory patients in the future The Department of Internal Medicine B at Greifswald University Medical Center has been participating in an international multicenter study (RESCUE 3*) for […]