“Breathe,””stretch” and “relax” are fitness terms generally used within a mind-body class setting (yoga, Pilates, etc.). They may creep into the vernacular of an avid runner from time to time. I’d like to see more fitness enthusiasts explore the benefits of these valuable activities. This week, I will share some tips for bringing these concepts […]

McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base — Over the course of a four-day weekend, nearly 1100 Airman from the 134th Air Refueling Wing received Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) training here. TC3 is the new Department of Defense-prescribed training requirement to enable any service member in the joint forces to provide life-saving medical aid. […]

ALTON – People who have cardiac arrests may benefit from CPR, yet many people who witness cardiac arrest do not perform CPR. OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center, One St. Anthony’s Way, Alton is hosting two additional first aid and CPR training class so Riverbend area residents are prepared to take action if necessary. • Wednesday, […]

A Harrogate chiropractor has been sharing tips and advice regarding the impact of stress on our children as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. Dr Jason O’Connor from O’Connor Chiropractic has revealed the physiological changes that can occur in children should they become stressed. These include mood changes and erratic behaviour. He told Your Harrogate: […]

Brussels (Brussels Morning Newspaper) – Smoking harms your energy level and immune system in many ways. When you quit smoking it can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it can make you feel tired and weak. There is no doubt that a smoker will have a lower lung capacity as compared to a non-smoker. When less oxygen is […]

Kate Winslet reportedly held her breath for seven minutes and 15 seconds on set for Avatar: The Way of Water. Some of the movie’s scenes were filmed underwater. It’s a remarkable feat; anyone (including professional freedivers) would acknowledge that a breath hold over seven minutes is extremely difficult. Most professional freedivers must train for years […]

Mon, 06 Feb 2023 A warning is being issued around the use of illegal recreational drugs, after more than half a dozen people on Island required medical attention following suspected ketamine use. It is suspected that the supply of the Class B drug is tainted, and any users are urged to avoid taking it. Further […]

Humans are in motion long before we’re born: In utero, fetal movements promote the healthy development of vital organs, the nervous system and more. And when babies are born, studying their movement patterns presents a critical opportunity. Certain patterns can predict when preterm infants — those born before 37 weeks of gestation — will experience […]

A newly published document – ‘Guidance on the provision, acceptance and handling of breathing gases for diving’ IMCA D 075 – from the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) aims to raise awareness of the issues that industry has faced when procuring breathing gases used for diving. As Bill Chilton, IMCA Technical Adviser – Diving, explained: […]

Yoga is full of health advantages and it also works well to increase stamina on a physical, physiological and mental level where these advantages range from keeping a healthy posture and improving metabolism to reducing fatigue, resting heart rate and stress levels. Yoga can increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance, which helps improve the cardiovascular and […]

Are you breathing properly right now? If you’re reading this I would assume you’re lungs are working and you are in fact breathing. But, did you know the way you breathe can affect your health? 1 in 5 of us struggle to get enough sleep, 74% of the nation feels stressed and breathing can minimise […]

Hands up if you wear a fitness tracker. From rings that track our sleep to watches measuring steps, we’ve come a long way from the simple pedometer (remember those?). Statistics show that around 82% of active people wear a smart tracker, and post-pandemic, we’re all about knowing how stressed we are. Wearable tech that analyses […]

Let’s be honest, no one really works on their tricep strength – that’s why chair dips feel so horribly hard. But working on pushing movements (like press-ups, bench presses and, yes, chair dips) is great for improving your upper-body strength. And before you say, ‘but why do runners need upper-body strength anyway? Isn’t running just […]

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Retailers. Scouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission. If you’re exercising without one of the best smartwatches for Android users, you’re missing out on the opportunity to measure your progress and make your workouts more fun. Having technology on your wrist has become […]

Guru Gadgets: High-Tech Devices to Help With Meditation – Mansion Global Grow in your practice with the help of these tools By John ElliotOriginally Published Jan. 31, 2023 Looking to deepen your practice of meditation? Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to start? The answer to your further exploration of self may come from an […]

You continuously work out your body. Therefore, why not exercise your respiratory muscles? That question led to the developing of a brand-new “secret weapon” that has been secretly enhancing professional athletes’ performance for years. It takes the shape of a miniature breathing training tool that, until recently, was exclusively accessible to a select group of […]