In the Humanitarian Hospital there has been an increase in patients with respiratory problems. /FCS

He increase of patients con respiratory diseases, especially minors, alert the health entities of the province and the city. There are recommendations to resume biosecurity measures.

According to data from Cantonal Health Councilled by the doctor Julio Molina, in beds “Occupancy is very low but the demand in external consultation for respiratory diseases has been increasing due to the cold weather that we are going through”he assured.

Inside of the report issued on April 24 by this body, it was revealed that “At the moment the demand for services due to respiratory diseases (influenza, syncytial virus and Covid-19) is increasing”.

Likewise, it was detailed that 70% of respiratory diseases correspond to influenza in children from 1 to 4 years of age, while in those over 12 and older adults, due to Covid-19.

The doctor argued that this is due to breach of biosecurity measuresespecially in children’s educational centers for children under 6 years of age.

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In it Hospital Humanitarian ‘Pablo Jaramillo’, the entity’s director, Ximena Albuja, ratified this increase. “Care for people with respiratory problems is on the rise… Of the 100% of people hospitalized, 70% are due to respiratory problems ”, he commented.

This month there was a breakthrough and they presented for respiratory symptoms due to Covid-19, common flu and respiratory syncytial”, he added. The type of virus is still unknown, but the main symptoms include sneezing, flu, sounds when breathing or wheezing and breathing problems.

In his experience, he believes this is due to the lack of taking preventive measures such as the use of a mask and distancing.

Another worrying data that reveals the increase in respiratory cases are the emergencies attended by the ECU911. Until yesterday morning, 612 emergencies were recorded for these problems.

In 2022, during the same period, 489 cases were registered and 1,602 emergencies attended throughout 2022.


For the doctor and researcher, Bernardo Vega, there is a resurgence of respiratory cases, including Covid cases. Among the factors that have allowed the prevalence of diseases is that although there are recommendations for the use of a mask in public spaces, these have already been canceled and are not fully complied with.

For this reason, it recommends completing the vaccination scheme, especially in the cases of the elderly or with processes of vulnerability. Also, keep wearing the mask.

He also reminded people suffering from flu-like symptoms to wear a face mask and self-isolate to prevent spread, taking advantage of home tests.


The Cantonal Health Council believes that massive immunization with vaccines adapted to the omicron variant and additional pharmacological measures that may be necessary to mitigate the impact are necessary.

Likewise, for the first semester of 2023, the application of a third reinforcement dose (from the Pfizer and Moderna pharmaceutical companies) for vulnerable groups is being planned. (FCS) – (I)

Mass vaccination for May 2

The vaccination process for the prevention of measles, rubella and poliomyelitis will start on May 2, 2023. In Cuenca, socialization is carried out in educational entities and health centers. The latter will be the permanent points for the inoculation of minors. After the fourth week, house-to-house will be visited offering the vaccine. The process occurs due to the low number of vaccinated registered after the pandemic. (YO)


percent is the positivity for Covid 19 in the canton of Cuenca, with a percentage increase of 0.85%, according to data from the Cantonal Health Council.


percent of occupied beds are in intermediate care hospitalization and 0% in intensive care in Cuenca.


There are new cases (positive PCR) in the country, 82 daily, over 65 years of age with an incomplete scheme, according to data up to April 16.


– From the health entities, citizens are asked to reinforce self-care that involves the use of a mask, hand washing and vaccination.

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