According to Have you ever found yourself asking why your mother insisted on you drinking water from a matka instead of your refrigerator? Well, this practice not only represents tradition but it can also have numerous health advantages.

Clay contains healing properties that enhance the body’s natural metabolic processes and help protect against sunstroke. Furthermore, it can prevent sunstroke while being gentle on the throat.

1. Keeps you cool

Clay pots offer natural cooling properties, and drinking from one can keep you hydrated in style. As water seeps slowly through its surface and absorbs the heat of its surrounding air, keeping your drink cool. Furthermore, this process also removes contaminants from your drinking water, providing benefits both to your health and skin health.

Water from an earthen pot can not only soothe your throat but also prevent heatstroke and other summer-related health problems such as diarrhea and dehydration. Furthermore, drinking from such an earthen pot boosts metabolism and balances testosterone levels within the body which is especially helpful for those living with respiratory conditions like asthma and cough.

Matka (Hindi and Urdu for earthen pot), is a traditional water storage vessel commonly found in Indian homes to store fresh drinking water. Matkas serve as an effective alternative to refrigerators as they preserve essential minerals and nutrients in our drinking water which is beneficial to health.

Additionally, matkas can provide great relief to your throat as their ideal temperature prevents it from being either too cold or hot, thus alleviating irritation in your throat. They’re especially beneficial to people suffering from colds, coughs and asthma since matkas can soothe their throat and ease other respiratory conditions.

Matka water contains alkaline qualities that help balance out the acidity in the body, thereby decreasing acid reflux symptoms and gastric problems. Furthermore, matka water can ease digestive discomfort as clay hydrates your digestive system while improving stomach metabolism – these benefits make matka water an ideal way to promote overall good health and should always be consumed from earthen pots as opposed to cold beverages for maximum benefits.

2. Good for your throat

Drinking enough water is vital for maintaining the health of your throat, keeping it moist and preventing it from drying out or becoming inflamed. Drinking sufficient amounts also prevents dehydration – an all too familiar problem during summer. To soothe an already sore throat, water stored in an earthen pot may provide soothing relief as its temperature matches up perfectly with that of your throat and helps soothe discomfort.

Drinking from an earthen pot provides natural and beneficial water sources to your health, providing essential vitamins and nutrients. This makes drinking earthen pot water not only healthier, but it will keep your throat moist while improving digestion and increasing metabolism.

Earthen pots also possess alkaline properties that are beneficial for acidic human bodies, as they help the immune system better fight diseases if more alkaline than acidic. Furthermore, earthen pots don’t contain harmful chemicals like BPA found in plastic bottles and containers that could act as an endocrine disruptor.

An earthen pot full of water is also an effective way to combat sunstroke, providing natural cooling effects on the skin and keeping you hydrated. Furthermore, its minerals and vitamins play a vital role in mitigating heat strokes and keeping the body cool.

3. Maintains the pH balance of water

Store water in a clay pot to take advantage of its natural cooling abilities as its surface is composed of tiny pores that help evaporate quickly, thus lowering its temperature and making drinking it from it cool and refreshing. Furthermore, this method helps detoxify the body, aid digestion, and improve skin health – making the surahi an invaluable asset in its own right!

Surahi water differs from its fridge counterpart in that it does not contain harmful chemicals and instead is packed with natural minerals that enhance metabolism and digestion, as well as being gentle on the throat, making it an excellent option for people suffering from cough and cold symptoms, which won’t aggravate their condition further.

Drinking water from a surahi is also effective in combatting acidity and other gastrointestinal issues, as the clay used to construct them is alkaline in nature. When combined with acidic foods we eat, its alkaline water helps create an appropriate pH balance thereby protecting us against disease-causing acids in our bodies.

An earthen pot water dispenser may help with weight loss as its minerals help enhance metabolism, curbing your appetite and shedding excess fat from your body. Plus, drinking from an earthen pot reduces sweetened beverages that are filled with empty calories – so you can stay healthy while enjoying delicious beverages like your favourite tea or coffee beverage!

4. Prevents sunstroke

An earthen pot, commonly referred to as matka in Hindi, is an ideal way to store and drink water during summer heat waves – unlike plastic bottles or refrigerator-stored water which often become warm. With natural cooling properties that help prevent heat strokes while supporting healthy throat tissue.

The clay used in an earthen pot is alkaline in nature and works to balance out any acidity present in water to achieve an ideal pH balance, helping reduce acidity, bloat and stomach ache while simultaneously speeding metabolism and increasing energy levels.

Ditch the plastic bottles and containers; take your water from an earthen pot instead! Not only is the mineral-rich water healthier for digestion than its plastic counterpart, but it may also even help balance testosterone levels! Plus, its design may make the earthen pot’s clay components better integrated into our bodies, helping regulate testosterone levels as a side benefit! Plus it supports clay’s panch-mahabhuta constituents by providing support to balance testosterone levels!

Drinking from an earthen pot is great for the throat as its gentle surface makes for easier swallowing and reduced chances of respiratory diseases. Furthermore, this alternative to refrigerated water provides relief to people with coughs and colds and reduces symptoms. Furthermore, earthen pots use natural clay ingredients which detoxify water naturally freeing it of chemicals and toxins as well as keeping minerals intact for maximum sunstroke prevention – an issue commonly faced during summer heat waves.

5. Keeps you hydrated

Indian households have long relied on earthen pots as a method for cooling drinking water naturally and improving its taste – offering numerous health advantages along the way. Matkas (clay pots) help keep this practice going by naturally cooling water naturally while adding to its taste and providing health advantages.

Clay’s porous surface aids the natural filtration of drinking water, producing alkaline water with many health advantages including improved digestion, higher energy levels and better hydration. Consuming this alkaline water stored in earthen pots may even help counter acidity and bloat symptoms.

As summer begins to set in, it is essential that you remain well-hydrated in order to combat dehydration caused by heat and humidity. Drinking from a clay pot may help in mitigate its detrimental effects such as dizziness, headaches and mood shifts caused by dehydration.

Additionally, water from an earthen pot is very soothing on the throat and won’t exacerbate coughs and colds – perfect for those suffering from breathing conditions such as asthma.

Water from an earthen pot is free from many of the toxins and chemicals often found in refrigerator water. Furthermore, it’s BPA-free which is great news as BPA can disrupt endocrine health. Drinking from this clay pot has been shown to boost metabolism and testosterone levels which aid weight reduction – making this an excellent solution for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. For optimal results make sure to regularly clean and refill it with fresh water for best results

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