Re: Unvaccinated COVID patients more likely to need help breathing — April 20

Johanna Weidner's article is an excellent summary of what is happening in our local hospitals with respect to COVID patient outcomes. However, I am curious as to why our provincial hospital data paints a very different picture of the impact of vaccines on patient outcomes as opposed to Waterloo Region. The article states: "Upwards of half of the recent COVID-19 hospitalizations in Waterloo Region are driven by just 10 per cent of the population that's unvaccinated.”

On April 19, Ontario provincial hospitalization data showed that out of 1,486 COVID patients, only 193 (13 per cent) are unvaccinated, whereas 954 (64 per cent) are fully vaccinated, 65 are partially vaccinated and 274 have an unknown vaccine status. In other words, fully vaccinated patients now make up almost five times as many hospitalizations compared to unvaccinated patients.

On the same date, intensive care units had three times as many fully vaccinated patients as unvaccinated ones. Currently there are 90 patients (44 per cent) in intensive care with unknown vaccine status. During the past several months the number of COVID patients in intensive care with unknown vaccine status has exceeded 35 per cent of the total. How do we really know how well the vaccines are working?

I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

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