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Redhill Biopharma Inc. continues pushing ahead with efforts to add to the limited arsenal of therapies for treating hospitalized severe COVID-19 infections, with the latest data, based on prespecified analyses from a phase II/III study showing its SK2 inhibitor, opaganib, significantly reduced mortality when given on top of standard-of-care (SOC) Veklury (remdesivir, Gilead Sciences Inc.) […]

By Michael Dabaie RedHill Biopharma Ltd. said an analysis showed its oral opaganib reduces mortality by 70% given on top of remdesivir and corticosteroids in severe Covid-19. The company said its prespecified analysis of Phase 2/3 opaganib data in severe Covid-19 patients showed a significant, 70.2% mortality benefit with opaganib by day 42 when given […]

(HealthDay Information) — Hospitalized COVID-19 sufferers receiving no oxygen or low-flow oxygen have been extra prone to obtain medical enchancment inside 28 days in the event that they have been handled with remdesivir, in accordance with a examine printed on-line in Medical Infectious Ailments. Brian T. Garibaldi, MD, from Johns Hopkins College in Baltimore, and […]

A human challenge study in which volunteers are deliberately infected with COVID-19 revealed much information on the progress of infection In a human challenge study, which is available as a pre-print, researchers from Imperial College, London, have learnt much about the progression of COVID-19 infection. Human challenge studies involve deliberately infecting individuals with an agent […]

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), part of the Department of Health, has granted a second provisional determination to Gilead Sciences Pty Ltd in relation to its COVID-19 treatment, VEKLURY (remdesivir). Currently, VEKLURY is provisionally approved for use in adults and adolescent patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms who have been hospitalised and require oxygen. This determination […]

Here are the medicines and vaccines approved by Thailand’s FDA: 2020 July: Remdesivir October: Favipiravir 2021 January 20: AstraZeneca (imported by AstraZeneca (Thailand) and produced by Siam Bioscience) February 22: Sinovac (imported by the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation) May 13: Moderna (imported by Zuellig Pharma) May 28: Sinopharm (imported by Biogenetech) June 24: Pfizer July 15: […]

Background Effective treatment for COVID-19 infection is still under evaluation. Remdesivir is an approved drug for COVID-19 treatment and major countries have released guidelines on the use of remdesivir. Still, many factors are under evaluation which can determine the future use of remdesivir. Aim To study the clinical outcome and healthcare modalities of COVID-19 patients […]

Remdesivir Takes Top Spot for US Hospital Spending: Report February 2, 2022 (Medscape) – Gilead Sciences Inc’s COVID-19 drug remdesivir last year overtook AbbVie Inc’s 20-year-old arthritis drug Humira as the medicine that U.S. hospitals spent the most on, according to Vizient Inc, a purchasing group used by about half the nation’s hospitals. Remdesivir, an […]

The Dominican Republic maintains, within its treatment scheme against Covid-19, high-cost antiviral drugs such as Remdesivir and others with monoclonal antibodies such as Re­gen-CoV and Tocilizumab that are applied to positive patients who register conditions that make them vulnerable to presenting complications or seriousness. These positive patients who have received from […]

Within its treatment scheme against Covid-19, the Dominican Republic maintains high-cost antiviral drugs such as Remdesivir and other monoclonal antibodies such as Regen-CoV and Tocilizumab applied to positive patients who have conditions that make them vulnerable to present complications or seriousness. These positive patients who have received monoclonal antibody drugs to treat the virus from […]

Race and ethnicity do not impact eligibility for Study Details: Self-identified Whites were older than other racial or ethnic groups. At the time of presentation, Black, Latinx, and White participants met inclusion criteria for remdesivir at similar rates (72%, 80%, and 73% respectively), and exclusion criteria at similar rates (43%, 38% and 49% for Black, […]

Remdesivir (REM) is considered the first therapeutic option approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical care in case of hospitalized patients suffering in COVID-19 epidemic. In the presented multilateral comparative search, four eco friendlessness approaches —National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI), Eco-Scale Assessment (ESA), Green Analytical Procedure Index (GAPI), and Analytical Greenness metric […]

© Shutterstock Results of a multinational, Phase 3 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)-funded trial last week showed that combining remdesivir with anti-coronavirus hyperimmune intravenous immunoglobulin (HIVIG) fails to do more for COVID-19 hospitalized adults than remdesivir alone. HIVIG is a highly concentrated solution of antibodies meant to neutralize SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible […]

Nagpur, Apr 8 (UNI) Commenting on shortage of Remdesivir injection which is in high demand in view of a spike in Covid-19 cases in the state, senior BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday suggested to the State Government to procure the vital injection from other states where no second wave of the virus is in […]

MU Health Care patients who test positive from COVID-19 might be eligible for a new outpatient treatment. COLUMBIA − Patients with a positive COVID-19 test and are experiencing symptoms may be eligible for an outpatient treatment option at MU Health Care. Patients might be selected base […]

Inhaled unfractionated heparin appears safe and leads to an improvement in oxygenation among patients hospitalised with COVID-19 Inhaled unfractionated heparin can be safely used in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 and improves oxygenation according to a retrospective analysis by researchers from Saint George Hospital, Intensive Care Unit, Sydney, Australia. There is a strong rational for the […]

Ly Kieu La Professor Ross Intro to Pharm Tech May 15, 2020 Assignment 8: Clinical Drug Trials of Remdesivir in treating SAR CoV-2 patients Group 1 1. The Proposed indication for use of Remdesivir: – Interrupt virus reproduces – Block the virus from replicate into vitro – Activities against infection including acute respiratory symptom 2. […]

By Josh Beckerman Gilead Sciences Inc.’s remdesivir, commonly used to treat hospitalized Covid-19 patients, has received Food and Drug Administration approval for some non-hospitalized patients. Gilead said the expanded indication allows the drug to be administered in qualified outpatient settings that can provide daily intravenous infusions over three consecutive days. The FDA also expanded the […]