If you’re feeling a moment of stress, try using the S.T.O.P Technique, developed by mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Stop: Interrupt your thoughts and pause whatever you’re doing. Sit up straight with a tall spine and calm yourself. Notice the sensations of being present.

Take a Breath: Breathe in slowly through the nose, expanding the belly, and exhale slowly and deeply through pursed lips. Take a couple more conscious deep breaths, feeling the body relax with every inhale and release tension with every exhale.

Observe: Become the observer of your thoughts, emotions, and physical reactions. What thoughts do you notice? What emotions are present? How does your body feel? Tune in and sit with whatever arises for a few moments.

Proceed: Finally, proceed with intention and mindfully take each next step in your day from a place of strength, wisdom, and presence.