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November is both Lung Cancer and COPD Awareness Month

Are you noticing a theme? Our lungs are vital! As always, having an annual physical by your Primary Care provider is of utmost importance. If your provider decides you need further diagnostics they will be able to order testing. We have a Pulmonologist in Sulphur Springs several times a month. If you do not have a Primary Care provider, CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic has providers taking new patients at 903.885.3181. For a referral to the Pulmonologist, call CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic and request their Sulphur Springs clinic.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Do you need help managing your lung condition? Pulmonary rehabilitation can help. Pulmonary rehab is a program that can help you learn how to breathe easier and improve your quality of life. You can benefit from pulmonary rehab if you have:

· Emphesema

· Ashthma

· Chronic bronchitis

· Bronchiectasis

· Cystic Fibrosis

· A Neuromuscular disease (such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease)

· Lung Cancer

· History of smoking

· Post lung surgery

· Post COVID shortness of breath

Pulmonary rehab can make a difference. It is a safe, smart way to help you: decrease symptoms like being short of breath, coughing and wheezing. It can help you breathe better, get stronger, decrease stress, and reduce the risks of future lung problems and related hospital admissions. Pulmonary rehabilitation is designed to help increase strength, endurance, and overall health through exercise, education, diet, and support while decreasing patients’ shortness of breath. Ask your physician for a referral to CHRISTUS Mother Frances – Sulphur Springs’ Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program 903.439.4141

Free Student Athlete Injury Clinic Continues

CHRISTUS Orthopedics and Sports Medicine of Sulphur Springs continues to offer a FREE Saturday Athletic Injury Clinic for all student athletes, all sports included. The clinic is open every Saturday from 9am to 11am, through November 12. Student athletes from 7th grade to college age will be able to get a free exam and x-ray to determine a plan of care to treat their injury. The clinic will be held at our CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic Orthopedics, Medical Building 5, at 103B Medical Circle in Sulphur Springs. For more information about our Sports Medicine program, or Orthopedic services, please call 903.885.6688.

Bed count – 402 – CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Tyler

Bed count – 8 – CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – South Tyler

Bed count – 25 – CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Jacksonville

Bed Count – 96 – CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Sulphur Springs

Bed count – 25 – CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital – Winnsboro

Bed count – 94 – CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation Hospital

Bed count – 96 – CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart – Tyler

Bed count – 51 – Tyler Continue CARE Hospital at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital

Contributed by Jennifer Heitman

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