Stress and anxiety

Whether a poor night’s sleep is just an occasional thing or you’re one of the increasing number of people suffering from a frustrating and persistent abundance of them, there is a simple technique that requires little more than your own body to help you fall asleep—and fast. The 4-7-8 method is a breathwork practice, devolved […]

Missing Long Island woman Gabby Petito and her boyfriend scuffled near a Utah national park last month, telling police that tension between the two “had been building over the last few days,” according to police records. Petito also told cops she feared that her beau, Brian Laundrie, was going to drive off and leave her behind “without a […]

As a clinical psychologist, I find working in mental health is always challenging, never more so than in the past 18 months as parents and children have tried to navigate the pandemic. There is no doubt that for some these times have been extreme and life-changing. However, often my colleagues and I have seen adults […]

The 4-7-8 breath was introduced originally by Dr. Andrew Weil who was really considered the grandfather of integrative medicine and as a pulmonologist who’s also a current University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship fellow, I’m so honored to be able to guide you in this practice. The 4-7-8 breath can be used for situations where […]

It is the biceps, abs and pecs that get all the attention in the gym world, but these so-called mirror muscles are often outperformed by those that work in relative obscurity to improve many important aspects of our health. Among the under-recognised muscles that toil to protect our wellbeing are those that control our breathing. […]

Abstract Interoception, the perception of internal bodily states, is thought to be inextricably linked to affective qualities such as anxiety. While interoception spans sensory to metacognitive processing, it is not clear whether anxiety is differentially related to these processing levels. Here we investigated this question in the domain of breathing, using computational modelling and high-field […]

Each of us has moments of anxiety and difficult times in our lives. Recent scientific discoveries allow us to reprogram our brains to cope with difficulties and minimize unpleasant consequences. What is the amygdala function? The amygdala is involved in the formation of emotions, including such strong ones as fear, and gives the emotional coloring […]

Road-tripping with the family helps to foster lifelong memories, which is why so many households hit the open road with their beloved dog in tow. But just like humans, dogs can experience car sickness and anxiety during the ride. Dr. Krista Miller, DVM, a veterinarian at THRIVE Affordable Vet Care in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says […]

When air quality is bad, hazardous pollutants fill the air and can be harmful if inhaled. The only escape from its effects may be to remain indoors, although, being cooped up with housemates and family may result in anxiety and restlessness. While extra time indoors may be stress-inducing, there are ways to make time at […]

Grounding techniques are one of the most effective tools to manage anxiety. getty As someone who struggles with anxiety, I know firsthand how crippling it can be sometimes. Racing thoughts. Restlessness. Shallow breathing. Queasiness. Palpitations. And that debilitating feeling of the world closing in on you.   According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), […]

I sacrificed for my family. I grew up in Herat, Afghanistan, and spent the first six years of my life under the shadow of the Taliban regime. To this day, there are entire chunks of my education that are missing because of what the Taliban stole from me. So when the United States came to […]

Aug. 24—GOSHEN — A small group of about 10 concerned community members showed up to Monday’s Goshen school board meeting to speak out against the district’s recent decision to issue a temporary mask requirement for all students in grades K-6 effective Monday. Goshen Community Schools officials announced the temporary mask requirement Friday, noting that the […]

Health experts around the world and studies over time have talked about the harmful effects of belly fat. Belly fat may also include visceral fat which surrounds your internal organs. This kind of fat could increase your risk of cardiac diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, breathing problems etc. Leading a healthy lifestyle including balanced diet and […]

With the advances in science of natural therapy, the pervasive use of synthetic drugs has drastically reduced. Nevertheless, the application of modern medicine is inevitable. In this present age, many people are focusing towards natural remedies to minimize drug interactions and toxicities. It’s the Era of Naturopathy- a system of treating diseases using essential oils, […]

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate of late or forgetting things? It may be because of brain fog that could affect you post Covid, or due to general anxiety and stress. Brain fog is not a medical condition and we experience it from time to time due to say jet lag, lack of sleep […]

Photo: GAUDILAB/DepositPhotos Many people suffer from anxiety, but luckily there are different ways to deal with it. Sometimes, all you need is a little help to calm your mind and get your creative juices flowing. Modern technology offers a variety of innovative apps for phones, desktops, and tablets to help you do just that. These […]

Staying connected to other people is easier than ever. We can send a quick text, chat on social media, or even tape a voice memo or video. Of course, it’s easy to see why this chatter is so appealing. Studies show that positive social interactions can spur the production of dopamine, a chemical associated with […]

While some parts of getting healthy can be difficult (hello sugar withdrawal), other parts are so easy, you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing them all along. The following will explore some of the simplest changes you can make in your daily habits that will result in improved health. Special attention was paid to those habits […]