Stress and anxiety

Posted on Jul 23, 2021 Further lifting of restrictions on ‘Freedom Day’ heralds the phased return to the workplace for many.  As people leave the comfort of their home working space, resume commuting and return to more rigid working hours and patterns, a degree of uncertainty and anxiety can be expected. Just as wellness rose […]

We all experience occasional stress — and some people more than others. Stress is our body’s way of handling demands that may cause a physical, emotional, or psychological reaction. However, when stress is not managed or starts to overwhelm your life, it can lead to more serious issues like anxiety and depression. This is something […]

Mindfulness meditation focuses your attention on the present moment and your current feelings. Benefits of mindfulness mediation include reduced stress, better focus, and improved well-being. To practice mindfulness meditation, focus on your breath and what you feel without judgment. People are often caught up thinking about the past or future, preventing them from living in […]

Source: Mikhail Nilov How do I stop my Monday dread? The phrase “Sunday scaries” was introduced in the Urban Dictionary in 2009. The stress around deadlines, frustrating bosses, or a long commute strikes strongly for many of us. So how do you treat the brand of anxiety that crops up on Sunday nights? 11 Strategies […]

You know that feeling, where a certain kind of heaviness builds up in your chest and makes you feel like something is sinking? When an overwhelming feeling of restlessness takes over your body that you just can’t shake off, no matter how hard you try? When you feel scared and even something as natural as […]

Sadie Robertson Huff shared about her postpartum struggles after the birth of her firstborn in May. On her “WHOA That’s Good” podcast, Huff discussed about her battle with postpartum anxiety, as well as the resulting physical pain of delivering her daughter, The Christian Post reported. The star revealed that when she got home from the hospital, […]

I recently took my first flight since the pandemic began. As I arrived at the airport, I prepared for a scene of utter carnage: people everywhere, all of them insisting on breathing; virulent microbes reveling in a field of unsuspecting targets. As someone with a history of anxiety, I took a deep breath – figuring […]

Opioid overdose can occur due to a person taking too high a dose, mixing opioids with other substances, or taking opioids that a doctor prescribed for someone else. An opioid overdose requires immediate medical attention as it can be fatal. Anyone experiencing or witnessing an overdose should call 911 immediately. Opioids are a type of […]