Where can I lookup old merged rsIDs?


I have a huge dataset of SNPs that I am trying to get hg19 locations for based only on the rsID. Right now I am doing that by just downloading the latest version of dbSNP, turning it into an sqlite database, and doing a huge long running query. This works, although it takes forever, but it has the problem that it fails for all SNPs that have been merged, e.g. rs111199278.

I need some way in batch to be able to get the position of these old rsIDs, possibly by just converting them to the latest rsID in dbSNP and then looking them up with my slow database query.

Is there a good way to do this efficiently? I think I will end up needing to lookup about 100K-500K rsIDs (I don't know yet because my big location lookup hasn't finished).



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