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Italy / Busto Arsizio / University of Insubria

Hi everybody. I' m a PhD that mostly do wet-lab that is trying to learn bioinformatics stuff (just the basics for now). Together with some collaborators, we performed an RNAseq analysis on some samples, but since this group have their own bio-informatician that works on this sort-of-service stuff, they analyzed the results for us, providing an excel with the lists of DE genes.
Now, I am interested in finding a biological meaning from the DE genes, but also find a way to enrich the lists, so to have a smaller number of genes of interest, that in the end I will validate through PCR or other methods (so it's better to have 20 genes than 200) and most important I want to try to do this by myself to learn how to do it.
I analyzed the lists using tools like metascape, to find pathways that are more interesting for me, so to go on only with that genes. Now I am thinking basically what to do next.

So, my question is: do you have any suggestion on how it is better to proceed or which kind of analyses can be done on such lists? If you can provide me some links of tools or R/bioconductor packages, It would be great!

Thank you a lot for your answers and for your help!!

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