WGCNA module network interpretation



enter image description here

This figure is from the WGCNA tutorial, but I am a bit confused on how to interpret it. I understand that the genes in this module are coexpressed, but I don't get the meaning of the edges yet. I see that each edge (although not visible in this figure) has a value. I have a few questions, because even though I read the tutorial and read the article, this is still hard to grasp.

1-Does it mean that, for example, D930050H05RIK is coexpressed with GCLM and so is FMO2? But FMO2 is not as coexpressed with D930050H05RIK?

2-If I had to validate one of these biomarkers, should I choose GCLM, considering it has a higher centrality than these other two genes?

3-another output from WGCNA are the GZ.trait values, which from what I understand is proportional to the correlation of the gene with the trait of interest. Should I choose the biomarker based on this, or according to question 2, or both?




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