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I want to compare two vcf files using vcf tools, and draw the Venn diagrams to visualize the comparison.

I ran the following command.

vcf-compare file1_sniffles_filtered.vcf file2_Chr.vcf --ignore-indels -r -p

Here is the output:

VN 1 file2_Chr.vcf (0.0%) file1_sniffles_filtered.vcf (0.0%)
VN 2433 file1_sniffles_filtered.vcf (100.0%)
VN 708961 file2_Chr.vcf (100.0%)

SN Number of REF matches: 0
SN Number of ALT matches: 0
SN Number of REF mismatches: 1
SN Number of ALT mismatches: 0
SN Number of samples in GT comparison: 0

SN Number of lost sites: 268 9.9% 2702 2434 file1_sniffles_filtered.vcf
SN Number of lost sites: 449 0.1% 709411 708962 file2_Chr.vcf

Question 1: Is that the right output that I am supposed to get?
Question 2: How can I create Venn diagram using these results?

I tried looking up online and found some 5-6 years old thread but that method doesn't work anymore, I guess.

Please help this newbie. Many thanks in advance.


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