Hello everyone, I would need help in order to download and run a hisat2 pipeline on snakemake.

In fact I have to run 3 different hisat2 mapping on 3 assemblies.

For that I have a dataframe where I have the reads IDs I want to map for each assembly name such as :

SRA_accession Assembly 
SRR1                 Assembly1
SRR2                 Assembly1
SRR3                 Assembly1
SRR1                 Assembly2
SRR2                 Assembly2
SRR3                 Assembly2
SRR1                 Assembly3
SRR2                 Assembly3

where we can find the assemblies here:

and SRA reads here for each assembly :


So for now I use a python script in order to generate the following scripts (here it is an example for Assembly1)

#I download all the reads by doing: (Here the sra_accession are fake of course)

/TOOLS/sratoolkit.2.10.8-ubuntu64/bin/prefetch --max-size 100000000 SRR1 && /beegfs/data/bguinet/TOOLS/sratoolkit.2.10.8-ubuntu64/bin/fasterq-dump -t /data/Genomes/Assembly1/reads/ --threads 10 -f  SRR1 -O /data/Genomes/Asembly1/reads/
pigz --best /data/Genomes/AsemblyN/reads/SRR1* 

/TOOLS/sratoolkit.2.10.8-ubuntu64/bin/prefetch --max-size 100000000 SRR2 && /beegfs/data/bguinet/TOOLS/sratoolkit.2.10.8-ubuntu64/bin/fasterq-dump -t /data/Genomes/Assembly1/reads/ --threads 10 -f  SRR2-O /data/Genomes/Asembly1/reads/
pigz --best /data/Genomes/AsemblyN/reads/SRR2* 

/TOOLS/sratoolkit.2.10.8-ubuntu64/bin/prefetch --max-size 100000000 SRR3 && /beegfs/data/bguinet/TOOLS/sratoolkit.2.10.8-ubuntu64/bin/fasterq-dump -t /data/Genomes/Assembly1/reads/ --threads 10 -f  SRR3 -O /data/Genomes/Asembly1/reads/
pigz --best /data/Genomes/AsemblyN/reads/SRR3* 

#Then I run the hisat2 soft

hisat2 --dta -k 1 -q -x mapping_index -1 SRR1_1.fastq.gz,SRR2_1.fastq.gz,SRR3_1.fastq.gz -2 SRR1_2.fastq.gz,SRR2_2.fastq.gz,SRR3_2.fastq.gz  | samtools view -o mapping_Assembly1.bam 2> stats_mapping.txt

But I wondered if someone had an idea in order to do it simply with a snakemake pipeline ? I do not know how to handle the fact that I cant to run specific reads for specific assemblies and how to add a list of read ids on Hisat2. I'm really new in this topic and it would be amazing if someone can help me on that.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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