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I don't know if it is the right platform to ask this question. But, I could not find any better place than this to ask this question.

I am trying to do some single-cell analysis for a group project. I have about 500 MB of data (count matrixes). I am not able to run any analysis on my PC where I have 8GB RAM. Then I tried to use rstudio.connect. I could not even upload all the files there. The session gets disconnected within a few minutes. Then, I bought a Rstudio Droplet from Digital Ocean. It is worse than rstudio cloud. I could use HPC from my university then I won't be able to run any Rmd files. I tried to use docker on HPC, but I don't have permission to create a docker image. So, my question is what other options are available for working with moderate size data on R Studio. I would not mind paying a few bucks?


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The RStudo Server allows you to use the RStudio IDE on HPC, eg by launching www.localhost:8787 through the browser, but you may have to ask the technology team from your university first

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